Should we ALWAYS help each other?

Approaching Christmas, I wonder if it’s important to give or to donate something for one another in this period. As a non-believer, I don’t have any kind of spiritual experience during this month. I almost try to feel some feeling for the Christmas eve, just because it’s a good time for being updated about other people life.

Reading this article “Sustainable giving for better living” (from Tony Robbins’ website) I ask to myself (and to all of you) how we can REALLY help people for better living.

In Italy, we’re still discussing how to help south part of the nation. According this article from Il Giornale from 2015, from 1951 to 2013 the southerns regions of Italy received about 430 billion of Euros to finance investments (today we have 56% of unemployment among young people). Another article (this time from tries to explain why workers are less efficient in the southern regions of Italy.

Pretty hard!

Is south of Italy a paradigm for other experiences?