Do you know the Lefsetz Letter? Wired says that it’s

an online record-biz op-ed that mixes analysis, rants, boomer-rock reveries, and the odd bit of futurism. Like most music bloggers, Lefsetz posts frequently and verbosely; unlike most music bloggers, he has actually gained the interest of the music industry, so much so that even Lefsetz’s most casually tossed-off missives get noticed.

Reading Lefsetz is quite healthy; I mean you read something clearly written and without any hypocrisies. I like music, I think to be half a critic/half a Jedi, but this guy is awesome. I’m gonna add him to my listen page (inspirational people). I strongly suggest anyone to read it.


In one of his latest posts, Lefsetz told about Today’s World. Well, this guy is very right when he says:

We’re loyal to each other, not the platform. We go where everybody goes. So we can leave not only AOL behind, but MySpace. Twitter’s already in the rearview mirror. Gaining an audience and keeping it is nearly impossible for a platform, unless it keeps evolving. Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp. Yahoo floundered and just added content to the same old paradigm and failed. This is not the old days, when you got a radio or TV license and you could just print money, seemingly eternally. Now, despite so many internet plays losing money in the advent, the key is to make money quickly, because odds are your time will soon be done, it’s the way of the web/world.