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Aaron Swartz birthday

Today would have been the Aaron Swartz 30th birthday. Aaron was “was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer, and Internet hacktivist.”

Internet Archive celebrated his life with a special Aaron Swartz Day Celebration and here’s the movie about him: The Internet’s Own Boy.

Anyone who is using the Internet should dedicate one minute to remember Aaron’s passion for “making the world a better place.”

Milan at the Top of the World

In a giant page, The New York Times shows the 52 places to go in 2015.

Strange, but true the city where I was born (and now where I work) is at the number one: Milan.

Meantime, The New York Times dedicated a video of the 36 Hours to Milan.

For a Milanese like me, seeing Milan at the top of world sounds like to be a little strange; when I was a little guy Milan wasn’t a place known for tourism. It was the city of the plants, the city of the pollution. It was the city of the newspapers, and the music labels. The Last Supper was a assignment at the elementary school, not an important place for tourists to see.

Then the fashion industry moved to Milan from Florence and something changed.

Giovanni Segantini, back to Milan

It’s an unreal experience visiting the exhibition of Giovanni Segantini in Milan. Maybe it’s because the grief about his difficult life. maybe it’s because it’s in Milan

the adopted city of his training, remained his enduring human and cultural center for the following two decades of his brief and meteoric trajectory link

Or, maybe it’s just because the beauty of his paintings.

I went to see the exhibition one late Saturday  afternoon, when most of the Milanese and tourists were looking for Christmas gifts in the city’s world famous stores. Although there was a longer queue to see the Van Gogh exhibition than there was for Segantini, my excitement for the Segantini exhibit was higher than the mountains that he painted so many times.

Giovanni Segantini, his lovely partner Bice, their three sons and one daughter had already been a part of my life, when I began read about Segantini’s life in the book “Das Schönste, was ich sah” (the Italian title is “Segantini”) by the German writer Asta Scheib. Everything looked familiar when I entered the exhibition.

“Il coro di Sant'Antonio” (The Choir of Sant Antony) (1879)

“Il coro di Sant’Antonio” (The Choir of Sant Antony) (1879)

When I was in front of his first painting “Il coro di Sant’Antonio” (The Choir of Sant Anthony) (1879) my trip in his art really started. In this painting, Segantini started to use the basis of the divisionism that

was the characteristic style in Neo-Impressionist painting defined by the separation of colors into individual dots or patches which interacted optically

I know everything about this painting: he was at the Brera Academy in Milan,. it was his first success. However, up until then, life wasn’t easy for Segantini. He was illiterate and stateless. He found the love of his life in his friend’s, Carlo Bugatti, sister, Luigia whom he nicknamed Bice. In the exhibition, there was only one portrait of Bice, “Petalo Di Rosa” (Petal Of Rose), (link) and I could feel their love in every brush stroke I saw.

He was influenced by a new art: the photography. It’s very clear in the portrait of Signora Torelli (1885-1886) where the lady is in foreground, and in the background, which is blurred, is the Naviglio channel.  Although he wasn’t an atheist, he didn’t see God in the church, but in the people, in the nature, and in the animals, line in the wonderful painting “L’Ora Mesta”, a quiet and emotional painting.. Maybe he believed in pantheism.

The most important painting of the exhibition is “Alla Stanga”. It took 6 months for Segantini to paint it. He had to rent the cows to keep them in a certain position for such a long time. The painting was restored recently, and 390 centimeter long (about 12 ft) in size which is it’s quiet big. When you view it, it looks like you can walk in.

“Angelo Della Vita” (Angelo Of The Life) 1894

The last, and biggest painting of the exhibition is the “Angelo Della Vita” (Angelo Of The Life). It’s a piece from 1894 and it symbolizes the season of Segantini. This particular work of art shows a warm hug between a woman and her son, and it opens another important page of Segantini: his bad relationship with his mother.

You can visit the exhibition until January 18, for more information:

Giovanni Segantini – Ritorno a Milano
18th September 2014 – 18th January 2015
Palazzo Reale
Piazza Duomo, 12 – 20121 Milano

The Regularity, Relevance and Reliability lesson

At the EUscreenXL conference in Rome on the users and usage of audiovisual archives: “From Audience to Users: Engaging with Audiovisual Heritage Online”. Mr. Felber, a British business man whose investment group owns the British Pathé collection, did the opening talk.

As Mr. Felber admitted, his organisation does not move without it resulting in “cold, hard cash” (…) His organisation had taken to publish its 95.000 videos online in one go. After discovering many of their films had already made it online via private persons’ interests and unvetted activities, the organisation decided to make the jump. YouTube has a robust advertising scheme and a fingerprinting algorithm that allows content owners to redirect the advertising income from third party or individual uploaders they would’ve otherwise missed out on. (…) He bundled British Pathé’s lessons for audience reach in a maxim consisting of three R’s: Regularity, Relevance and Reliability. Publish materials with a dependable regularity, make them relevant to the people who need to see them and make sure you can be considered a reliable source. (…) An important lesson for British Pathé – and a rather frightening idea to the researchers in the room – was that changing the titles of the videos made them more find- and clickable.

Source: EUscreenXL Blog

From the CinemaTEK archive on Youtube.

Walter Mitty, Iceland and Bárðarbunga

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” surrealistically take us on a trip from New York to Iceland. What’s the quintessence of life? Maybe frame 25. Ben Stiller can fly. He can dream. Watch the green and blue of Iceland and fall in love with that place. Elisabetta Rosso tells her trip to the Bárðarbunga volcano in this piece for She would make a short movie and it’s not surreal.