that one where I talk about being vegetarian

I’m reading one of the most important or famous or best-selling or controversial book about nutrition: The China Study. In brief, this book “examines the relationship between the consumption of animal products (including dairy) and chronic illnesses”. Continue reading “that one where I talk about being vegetarian”


Check out Brian Venth’s videos, like “Don’t like Mondays? I have the solution“. Do you know which are the 15 most polluted cities in the world? Here is the answer. I’m very curious about Iot (Internet of Things) so this is an article about the “Top 9 Companies Leading The Digital Health In 2015”, same videos different companies, privacy topic to think about, but some good news as well.

A Sugarless Planet

One day of the year 2000, my life changed: in a little shop of organic food and lifestyle healthy habits near Milan I bought a little but wonderful book: Sugar Blues by William Dufty.

The book Sugar Blues

I already knew the author. William Dufty  was an American writer who wrote a sweet Billie Holiday’s biography that I read some years before: Lady Sings the Blues. But for this book Mr Dufty changed the topic: «It’s a prime ingredient in countless substances from cereal to soup, from cola to coffee. Consumed at the rate of one hundred pounds for every American every year, it’s as addictive as nicotine — and as poisonous. It’s sugar.»

Before the book, in the 1960s he met Gloria Swanson «who introduced him to the macrobiotic culture and convinced him that white sugar was unsafe. (…) Dufty and Swanson were married, she for the sixth time, he for the second time, in 1976. (…) It was, however, the marriage of his devotion to healthy eating, spirituality and writing for which he is best known. Dufty practiced and promoted macrobiotics; a low-fat, high-fiber diet of whole grains, vegetables, sea algae, and seeds, that are prepared in accordance with specific principles, said to synchronize eating habits with the cycles of nature.»

I started my own crusade against white sugar too. Instead of white sugar, I use honey, or maple syrup, or malted barley. I lost about 10 kilos (22 pounds) in 1 year. Eventually, I found the passion for life.

Addicted to sugar

In the blog Brain Blogger, Dr Gibson wrote that «Many studies have uncovered commonalities between sugar intake and drugs of abuse, but a study in 2007 found that the reward experienced from sweetened food surpasses the reward experienced from cocaine. In this study, rats were allowed to choose either intensely sweetened water or intravenous cocaine. Amazingly, 94% of the rats chose the sweetened drink over cocaine. (…) Both sweeteners and drugs of abuse stimulate dopamine receptors in the brain, which are critical to reward and learning pathways. (…) Humans overconsume refined sugars because they taste good. When given a choice, most people will choose these palatable foods over non-palatable foods due to the rewarding aspects of ingestion. Many people overconsume these substances so much that they lose control over their eating habits and jeopardize a healthy body.»

Sugar just like tobacco

In Febraury 2010 Mark Bittman wrote in his article “Is soda the new tobacco?” on New York Times that in Usa «“A tax on soda was one option considered to help pay for health care reform (the Joint Committee on Taxation calculated that a 3-cent tax on each 12-ounce sugared soda would raise $51.6 billion over a decade), and President Obama told Men’s Health magazine last fall that such a tax is “an idea that we should be exploring. There’s no doubt that our kids drink way too much soda.”» but against this smart idea of a tax on soda there are the producers of sugar-sweetened drinks that «are acting a lot like the tobacco industry of old: marketing heavily to children, claiming their products are healthy or at worst benign, and lobbying to prevent change.»

France Tax on sugary drinks

Even France «has seen a rise in obesity in recent years, especially among children. (…) “It is necessary to put the brakes on the development of obesity, which weakens the health of the people concerned and represents, over the long term, a large cost for the health care system,” the government’s proposal reads. It proposes “to raise the price of sugary drinks, whose unchecked consumption favors weight gain.”»

Coca-Cola «said Thursday it has suspended plans for a €17 million ($24 million) investment in France to protest a tax on sugary sodas that’s part of government efforts aimed at shrinking the country’s huge debts. (…) Coca-Cola is ready to participate in budget austerity efforts, but considers the tax unfair because it targets drinks that are “not harmful to health.” (…) On its website, Coca-Cola’s France operations say obesity is linked to several factors including limited physical activity. “It is not linked to the consumption of a particular product, but depends on the global nutritional balance,” it says.»

The France government «will raise value added tax on sweetened soft drinks by almost four-fold. VAT on soft drinks with added sugar will rise from 5.5% to 19.6% from 1 January 2012, ministers have confirmed. The measure is expected generate additional revenue of EUR120m (US$173m) for France’s social security services. Ministers want to plug a hole in national finances, as well as rising tackle obesity rates.»

Gloria Swanson died at the age of 84 years old and William Dufty at the age of 86 years old.

Ho aderito al progetto Zero Impact Web

Benvenuti, io ho aderito al progetto Zero Impact Web.

Nonostante abbia fatto già molto per ridurre le emissioni di CO2, anche internet inquina. Secondo un rapporto di Greenpeace, con il tasso di crescita di oggi, nel 2020 i data center e le reti di telecomunicazione consumeranno circa 2.000 miliardi di kilowattora di elettricità, oltre il triplo del loro consumo attuale.

Ecco perché il sito internet ha deciso di aderire a Zero Impact Web e fare la sua parte per contrastare il riscaldamento globale.

Le emissioni derivanti dalle vostre visite verranno compensate attraverso la creazione e tutela di foreste in crescita. É una piccola azione che se fatta da molti aiuta a creare consapevolezza e fare del bene all’ambiente. E soprattutto vi permette di navigare tra queste pagine in piena tranquillità!

Aderite anche voi a questa iniziativa, insieme possiamo fare la differenza!

Le emissioni generate da questo sito internet sono compensate dalla creazione e tutela di foreste in crescita in Costa Rica.