about me


Hey! This is my page in English. My name is Simone (you can call me Simo or Simon) and I was born 40+ years ago in Milan.

  • I’m an IT Auditor in an Italian Financial Institution (Linkedin);
  • I read, read, read: books, magazines, blogs, newspaper, anything;
  • I think to be a musician with the band ItalianJam;
  • I think to be a photographerflickr (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2);
  • I listen to podcast, because I don’t like to get news from mainstream, that’s why I watch television only for sport;
  • Movie (Star Wars, Miyazaki) and Television shows (Big Bang Theory);
  • Music, music, music, via Spotify, via iTunes, via Cd, (Prince, Mahler, Victoria Mullova, Sheryl Crow, Beck, Beyoncé, Bjork, Bluvertigo, Hiromi, Elio, Pooh, Jamiroquai, Mozart)
  • this website in English is an Xperiment (please help me);
  • I’m an atheist, so I don’t know anything my past and future life, I want to exploit this one;
  • my current project? check the now page.

Why? I want to leave a trace of who I am, maybe this website will be useful to someone in the future.

Why in English? Because I want it in English. So the audience will be bigger, or, if you already know me, you must improve your English.

But your English is not so good. Yeah, I know. I want to write better, and this is the only way to improve my English.

How does it work? There is a diary in the main page and other topics in every page, did you check the now page?

questions? simone@simonetomirotti.it

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