Aaron Swartz birthday

Today would have been the Aaron Swartz 30th birthday. Aaron was “was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer, and Internet hacktivist.”

Internet Archive celebrated his life with a special Aaron Swartz Day Celebration www.aaronswartzday.org and here’s the movie about him: The Internet’s Own Boy.

Anyone who is using the Internet should dedicate one minute to remember Aaron’s passion for “making the world a better place.”

8/10/2016 – Outskirt

I wrote my last post months ago. I’m very sorry about that, but I’ve been so busy with my music that I forgot to update this website. What is my music? It’s a project called Italian Jam, I’ve written and published 4 songs, in an EP called “Con Te”. After that, I’ve published two more (old) songs. You can listen to my songs on Spotify.

that one where I take action

I’ve just added a new page to this place, the “action” page.

After all this time on the Internet, I had several opportunities to help people, companies, startups. Some years ago, I decided to save some money to support some of them. Here, I’m gonna tell you about three of them.

  • Because I’ve seen Wikipedia pages/definitions used everywhere (on the newspaper, on formal documents), I’ve started a couple some years ago to support Wikimedia foundations.
  • Because I live in Italy, I’m an atheist and I think Vatican City rules Italian society too much, I’m part of the UAAR (Italian Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics).
  • Every month I support Liber Liber, and Liber Liber‘s The Manuzio project , Liber Liber is an Italian “non-profit cultural association whose aim is the promotion of any kind of artistic and intellectual expression”. And The Manuzio project “(named after the famous publisher who in the XVI century improved the printing techniques created by Gutenberg) has the ambition to make a noble idea real: the idea of culture available to everybody. How? Making books, graduation theses, articles, or tales available all over the world, any minute and free”.

Maybe you could ask, why do you support them? Because, I’m a humanist.

Read more about my actions here.

that one where Tim Peake went for a spacewalk

Diary #6

Yesterday, British (or European) astronaut Tim Peake (about him) with his Nasa colleague Tim Kopa (The Tims) left the International Space Station for a spacewalk. They replaced a failed power regulator and install cabling (read more here). I didn’t have any chance to see live feed from the space, but I’m reading about European astronaut walk today.


Tim Peake has an amazing photo gallery on Flickr, where he’s uploading photos from the space. Like this one, I can’t recognize Milan or Turin, but he wrote that is about Alps.

Alps in winter

BTW, did you check my Flickr gallery?

Diary #5


Saw Star Wars – The Force Awakens, I’m waiting for the end of January when The Hateful Eight will open in Italy. Samuel Jackson told the 70mm story in this video.

I’ve just translated the “now” page of this website, it’s pretty fun to read other people’s “new” page. During the Holidays, I’m focusing on some good music (sometimes very good, must say). HITnRUN – Phase Two is a surprisingly funky. For the future, I’d love to add some interviews in this website.

Diary #4


Happy Holidays I must say – this part of year takes us to Winter, to get ready for a new important year. It’s not yet time to write down what I want for the 2016.

In the meantime, here is a playlist with some good tunes for Xmas, Winter or whatever. Thanx to my friend Tommy for helping me.

Even Julie Lim, I don’t know who is she, but thank you, did a great playlist with BBC music, that’s why I’ve just included in this post.